Somayaga for the Universal welfare & prosperity

DATES April 30th to 5th May 2023
Malayalam Era 1198 Medam 16th to 21st
Saka Era 1945 Vaisakham 10th to 15th (Suklapaksha Dasami to Pournami)
Yuga Era Kaliyuga 5125
Kali Day 1871600 to 1872606

The six day Agnishtoma Somayagam begins on 30th April 2023 at Kaithapram, a small village in North Kerala. Kaithapram is abode of three temples – Sree Vasudevapuram Temple, Sree Krishnan Mathilakam Temple and Sree Vishnupuram Temple. The very rare and distinct Somayagam will be held at the specially constructed Yagashala on a 4-acre venue in between the three temples. Brahma Sree Dr.Kombankulam Vishnu Agnihothri and his better half Dr.Usha Pathanadi are the Masters(Yajamanas) who performs the Somayagam.

During the 6 days from 30th April 2023 to 5th May 2023 several priests from various parts of India will be visiting the Yagam. Various discourses by prominent seers, Art and Cultural programmes, exhibitions etc. will be held during the Yagam.

All are requested to participate in this mega event and invoke blessings for prosperity and upliftment of every living being.

Solicit your whole hearted support.


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The Yagam

Yagam is a sacrifice to satisfy the Gods of Nature and earn their pleasure for the happiness of human beings and all other living organisms in the earth. This was a way of life in ancient Bharath. In Somayagam, the Somarasam, the essence of somalatha is being presented to the Nature Gods through the Agni (fire). Various different rituals and reciting Veda is the essential part of yaga. The objective is making earth heaven-like. The protection of Vedas, Veda culture and tradition is the requirement in the current era. Somayaga and similar rituals are required for the same.

Our tradition is not exploiting Nature, on the other hand, milking it. Ensuring this fundamental principle, even while enjoying the ultramodern facilities, is the main message of Yaga. This is also the solution for the various natural calamities that we face.

About Kaithapram Somayagam 2023

Last spring (May 2nd and 3rd, 2022, Vaisakham Akshayatritiya), Vishnun Namboothiri-Usha couple performed Agnyadhana and became Agnihotris. Since then they were commendably punctual in performing daily Agnihotra and bi-monthly Darshapurna Maseshti. Now It is decided to perform Agnishtoma Soma Yagam in the coming spring season with the help and support of each and every one like you.

Brahmasree Vishnu Agnihotri’s Nityagnihotranusthana will complete 360 days on April 27, 2023. According to the Brahmin verse “Samvathsare Paryagata etabhirevopasadayeth”, 361 days Agnihotra requires Vyahati Sadana. Accordingly Agnihotra with Vyahati Sadana will be held on April 28, Prayashchitta Pasu on 29th and Agnishtoma Soma Yagam from 30th April to May 5th.

Agnishtoma Somayaga is being conducted in Kannur District of Kerala for the first time in this century. We can’t predict when the next Yaga will happen. Let us join together physically, financially and in all ways with body and mind for the successful completion of this Somayaga, being held in our lifetime

We are confident that the necessary funds can be generated through donations from kind and like-minded people like you. We request your full support through generous donations and valuable suggestions for the success of the Soma Yaga and thereby the prosperity of the entire humanity.

With respectful regards,

Organising Committee,
Kaithapram Somayagam,


Chief Patron: Sri Sri Raghavendra Bharati Maha Swamikal

Masters: Dr. Kobankulam Vishnu Agnihotri & Dr. Usha Agnihotri 

Yaga execution Chief: Sri Amedamangalam Vasudevan Namboodiri

Chairman: Padmasri Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodiri

Working Chairman: Sri Marangad Narayanan

Vice-chairmen: Sri Ravindranath Kannur

Sri Sivaprasad Shenoy

Sri Hari Krishnan Nambiar Kannur

General secretary: Sri Kannadi Vasudevan Master

Joint. Secretaries: Sri. K P Hari Namboodiri

Sri. C.I Sankaran

General Convener: Sri. Sreedharji, Karivellur

Convener: Sankaran Kaithapram

Joint Convener: Sri. Hari Prasad

Smt. Lavanya Anasooya

Smt. Haripriya Edakkad

Smt. M.P Anitha

Smt. Manjusha Madhavan

Treasurer: Sri. A K Subrahmanyam

Kannur organising Committee Chairman: Sri. K.G.Babu

Payyannur organising Committee: Sri. Sasidharan Thamban